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Electronic trading

The e-ROFEX platform is designed with an open architecture that enables this platform to interconnect with a wide range of ISVīs front-end trading systems. If you want to trade in ROFEX, you have the following options:

· Use the e-Trader system provided by the Market.

· Develop your own trading system and certify it with ROFEX.

· License a system developed by an independent software vendor who is certified by ROFEX.

ROFEX provides a list of all the companies that distribute Market data or offer a front-end trading system. These companies are committed to keep their interfaces up-to-date and synchronized with the latest functionality changes made to the e-ROFEX platform.

Entity Description Market Data Order Routing DMA
FIX WS FIX WS Fronts Pre-Trade Risk Control Model
Bloomberg Data Vendor
Thomson Reuters Data Vendor
CMA Data Vendor
Primary S.A. Independent Software Vendor (ISV) DMA1 y DMA2
Puente Hnos. S.A. ALyC DMA1
Raptor Trading Systems Independent Software Vendor (ISV)
Bolsas y Mercados Argentina S.A. (ByMA) Mercado
Mercado Abierto Electrónico S.A. (MAE) Mercado
Mercado Argentino de Valores S.A. (MAV) Mercado
Mercado a Término de Buenos Aires S.A. (MATba) Mercado
Industrial and Commerce Bank of China (ICBC) ALyC DMA1
SGM Trade (Banco de la Prov. de Buenos Aires) Independent Software Vendor (ISV)
Matriz Independent Software Vendor (ISV)
INTL CIBSA S.A (Portfolio Personal*) ALyC DMA1
Nuevo Banco de Sante Fe S.A. ALyC DMA1

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