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In 1997, ROFEX launched the first version of its electronic trading platform e-ROFEX, which allows to trade futures contracts and options on futures contracts. During the last 13 years, this platform has evolved together with the Market, supporting the substantial increase in trading volume as well as the functionality changes required by the business dynamics. The platform's highlights are the following:

Year 2000 Access via Internet.

Year 2006 Pre-trade modality support.

Year 2007 Launching of ROFEX FIX 4.2.

Year 2007 Give up and Allocations Support.

Year 2010 Launching of DMA (Direct Market Access).

Year 2011 Launching of ROFEX FIX 5.0 SP2.

Year 2012 Agreement signed with the Bolsa de Valores y Productos de Asunción (BVPASA) for support and system development.

Year 2013 Launching of Primary Trading Platform (PTP), ROFEX´s new electronic trading platform.

Year 2014 A technological renovation agreement is signed: BVPASA agrees to implement PTP as from 2016. In June, ROFEX and Merval get interconnected using PMY technology.

Year 2015 ROFEX launches new DMA (Direct Market Access) versions. By means of the tool developed by Primary Algo Trading, the possibility to trade by algorithms is made available to ROFEX Agents.

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