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Direct Market Access (DMA)

ROFEX modified its electronic trading platform so as to allow the use of new information technologies to facilitate Direct Access to the Market. This new tool, DMA (Direct Market Access), enables brokers´end customers (clients) to place an order directly on ROFEX. Through DMA, brokers may develop trading systems or hire them from independent software vendors.

DMA enables:

The end customer:

To place its own orders, increasing control over them (modification, cancellation and/or confirmation).

To promote the capture of business opportunities, from the analysis of the price conditions of different products and/or markets.

The broker:

To reach new clients at lower cost.

To increase the efficiency of trade execution.

To reduce operational errors, mainly those related to indirect order placing.


To expand the distribution channel of its products.

To align itself to the best business practices of the futures industry.

Entity Description Market Data Order Routing DMA
FIX WS FIX WS Fronts Pre-Trade Risk Control Model
Bloomberg Data Vendor
Thomson Reuters Data Vendor
CMA Data Vendor
Primary S.A. Independent Software Vendor (ISV) DMA1 y DMA2
Puente Hnos. S.A. ALyC DMA1
Raptor Trading Systems Independent Software Vendor (ISV)
Bolsas y Mercados Argentina S.A. (ByMA) Mercado
Mercado Abierto Electrónico S.A. (MAE) Mercado
Mercado Argentino de Valores S.A. (MAV) Mercado
Mercado a Término de Buenos Aires S.A. (MATba) Mercado
Industrial and Commerce Bank of China (ICBC) ALyC DMA1
SGM Trade (Banco de la Prov. de Buenos Aires) Independent Software Vendor (ISV)
Matriz Independent Software Vendor (ISV)
INTL CIBSA S.A (Portfolio Personal*) ALyC DMA1
Nuevo Banco de Sante Fe S.A. ALyC DMA1

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