ROFEX launches futures on LEBACs

Tomorrow the new contracts of futures on Argentine Republic Central Bank Bills will start to get operated, thus becoming a new investment or coverage alternative. 


Interconnection between ROFEX and MATba begins in May

After the signing of the interconnection agreement between ROFEX and MATba last January 4, 2017, the technical teams of both markets continue working to implement the integrated trading, which will begin next month.


The International Conference on Futures Markets was held in Argentina

Argentina hosted the international conference on futures markets organized by the Association of Futures Markets (AFM).


MATba and ROFEX interconnect with each other unifying Argentine futures

MATba and ROFEX, futures markets with more than 100 years of history, will interconnect their trading and settlement platforms so that Agents and Clients will have access to all Argentine futures and options. The interconnection agreement between ROFEX and MATba marks a new chapter in the operational consolidation scenario of these entities. 


ROFEX renewed its authorities

After ROFEX´s Ordinary and Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders, the new management authorities were defined today. The new Board of Directors is headed by Andrés Ponte as Chairman and Luis Herrera, as Vice Chairman. 


Argentina to develop weather futures contracts for farmers

Three companies joined forces Monday in Argentina to develop futures contract on the weather, a new financial tool that will allow agricultural producers to cover themselves against the risk of drought.


ROFEX Sponsored Educational Events and Algo Courses by the Algorithmic Traders Association

ROFEX remains committed to provide the best trading technology and has partnered with the Algorithmic Traders Association to assist and provide their traders meaningful educational insights on how to effectively apply algorithmic trading strategies and follow key methodologies.  


Argentina’s ROFEX Exchange Eyeing International Investors

To combat the stagnant state of investment in the country’s financial markets, ROFEX is giving international investors direct market access.


New ROFEX´s real-time price viewer

More information, volume charts and real-time offers, available on ROFEX´s web site.

Based upon requirements of Brokers, users, specialized media and institutions related to the capital market, ROFEX and PrimaryVentures developed a new real-time price viewer, which is already available on the Market’s web site.


ROFEX and Merval signed a trading interconnection agreement

As from May 26, their respective Brokers will be able to trade and settle the products of both markets on an equal basis. A historical event for the capital market.

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