MATba and ROFEX interconnect with each other unifying Argentine futures

MATba and ROFEX, futures markets with more than 100 years of history, will interconnect their trading and settlement platforms so that Agents and Clients will have access to all Argentine futures and options. The interconnection agreement between ROFEX and MATba marks a new chapter in the operational consolidation scenario of these entities. 

The agreement will transform the dynamics of local derivative markets with a multiplying effect. On one hand, it will allow Agents of both institutions to have access to trade, clear and settle all products listed by these markets in a unified, simple and transparent manner. On the other hand, it will help ROFEX and MATba to continue their alignment with international standards, which are also a clear work area set out by the CNV (National Securities Commission). The implementation of an interconnected platform is a long-standing wish of both markets and their participants, which took years of work. The agreement also foresees the joint commercial management for some products, creating a synergy that will result in benefits for clients and the market in general. 

The Mercado a Término de Buenos Aires (MATba), founded in 1907, is the leading agricultural futures and options exchange in Latin America.  

ROFEX, founded in 1909, is a leading futures and options exchange on financial products.

As a whole, ROFEX and MATba have more than 200 agents and a high potential for product complementation. 

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