ROFEX renewed its authorities

After ROFEX´s Ordinary and Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders, the new management authorities were defined today. The new Board of Directors is headed by Andrés Ponte as Chairman and Luis Herrera, as Vice Chairman. 

As a new feature and with the purpose of consolidating the group’s Corporate Governance structure, the Board of Directors was increased from 9 to 12 members, with a total of 4 independent directors. 

Also, 3 new Directors were incorporated to ROFEX, with previous experience in the Management body of Argentina Clearing, the market’s clearing house. Among the independent Directors, it is worth mentioning the designation of the economist Javier González Fraga, former President of the Argentine Central Bank, who has a broad knowledge in the matter and has participated in previous formation projects of futures markets in Argentina. 

Likewise, the new Market’s by-law establishes the creation of new committees, following the IOSCO (International Organization of Securities Commissions) recommendations, among which we can mention the Audit, Risk and Remuneration Committees. 

“The idea is to continue on the same track, prioritizing service quality for Agents and clients. With a great and young team, we will continue focusing on innovation. There is still much work to be done”, pointed out Andrés Ponte regarding his new steps as head of the Market. Mr. Ponte, who has a well-known career as member of the brokerage firm Enrique Zeni, also has a long record within ROFEX´s Board of Directors and was member of the Executive Board of the Rosario Board of Trade.  

“We had been through difficult times, from which the Market emerged strengthened and with important projects for the future. We trust that there will be new challenges that will trigger great changes within the capital market”, assured Mr. Herrera, when making a balance of his term of office.  

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